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Hi and welcome to my site/blog! My name is Kim and I started this blog out of an abundance of need to have a space that is mine. You see, I am an empty-nester, middle-ish age, postmenopausal woman who created a space for me to talk about.....well, whatever comes to mind. 

A few things abut me:

1. I have been married since 1990. You can do the math. :)

2. I am a bit of a weather geek. I am constantly in awe of nature.

3. I once sat in a 30 foot ditch in Texas and watched a tornado form in front of me. 

5. I am from everywhere. I have lived in Tx, NC, Ca, Hi and Fl. 

6. I have three little grand girls who sparkle. They are literally my shining lights.

7. I quit a 30 year cigarette habit by switching to flavored vape. I vape a low nicotine level and am much healthier and happier for it. No lung illness here.

8. I adore my American Bulldog mix, Walter.

9. I have two funny, smart, and dynamic adult kids.

10. We were an Army family for 21 years. Husband retired.

11. I have whitewater rafted in NC.

12. Attempted to surf in Hawaii but successfully boogie boarded..a lot!

13. My husband has pulled my clumsy self out of the Pacific ocean twice,

14. I love to kayak Tampa Bay.

15. I curse and I curse quite a bit, but I do understand there is a time and place for everything.

16. I am a big time Tampa Bay Lightning Fan! Go Bolts!

17. I learned how to drive on a stick at 15 years old.

18. I am currently watching the entire Golden Girls series. I def appreciate the humor more now,

19. I am a conspiracy theorist and proud of it too. 

20. I create fluid art, take lots of photos, and wood burn as my current hobbies.

Thank you for visiting!  

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